Introducing Horizon: a new testing site for

Horizon is where the makers of test upcoming changes and new features with the community.

By using the Horizon testing site, you will be testing small and big changes still under development. It is a place a where we will come together to discuss updates and features through the Horizon Feedback blog.

Please keep in mind:

  • Calls for testing will happen on the Horizon Feedback blog.
  • Not every new feature will be tested.
  • Involvement will be on a volunteer basis.
  • Be careful: things might break!
  • Be patient and stay positive! We value constructive criticism when it’s made in a helpful way.

We are here to listen. The feedback we receive will be balanced with other data and insights such as stats, past experience, and goals.

If you use the testing site and volunteer to report your findings, it will help us, you, and millions of people worldwide.

We know we have a smart, creative, and insightful community at, so we’re excited to offer a more direct place for testing and look forward to you joining us to help make better!

Please follow the Horizon Feedback blog to stay updated.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Horizon: a new testing site for”

  1. Hello,

    I just found out about this blog by accident thanks to a post ( on Timethief’s blog.

    I am glad that something like this finally exists, but I am disappointed that no one told me about this or mentioned it or officially linked this blog anywhere as far as I know on any of the official/unofficial and WordPress blogs/websites that I follow ( News, The Daily Post, WP Tavern, ThemeShaper, Matt Mullenweg’s blog, and more) or by any staff members when I often report bugs/feedback/advice and when I have even mentioned volunteering/beta testing or by any staff members by email since I am/was on a beta tester and forum email list which seems to have stopped months ago shortly after beginning; I blog every day and I report bugs/feedback often and I try to stay updated on things like this, and yet even I am only finding out about this blog months later by accident which is not good if someone like me did not even know about this blog all of this time.

    I would recommend spreading the word about this blog and linking it officially and unofficially on your official/unofficial blogs/websites/support pages/forums/emails/social media/chats/et cetera so that more people will know and can contribute, if I had known about this blog sooner, then I could have given some helpful feedback to have prevented some of the problems with the never version of the new editor that made things even worse than the previous version that we had fought to improve so I can not use it to edit posts or blog yet until those things are fixed/changed (adding, editing, captioning, sizing, adding a custom URL when someone clicks, et cetera a linked/hot-linked image; and missing features like grammar/spell check et cetera).

    I hope to able to contribute here in the future, and I think that this blog is a step in the correct direction to better improve and to hopefully bring better communication between the staff and users if things like this are properly publicized to the public/community so that more people will know.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr


    1. Hi John Jr! Thanks for being willing to help out. Things are just heating up around here and there is limited staff availability to manage incoming feedback so that’s why it has not been publicized more heavily. Also, at this stage we are looking for people who can give clear feedback with context, with an eye for reporting mainly blockers (the biggest issues) first.

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      1. Hello Sheri,

        You are welcome, I am not as willing/inspired/et cetera as I used to be, but I think that I might try to report some bugs/feedback here sometimes on some of these beta features; and I am now following this blog so that I can hopefully stay better informed this time. πŸ™‚

        I thought so, which is even more surprising that no one contacted me since I often somehow manage to notice things that many others who are way more advanced than me seem to miss, even though I am just an average user with no programming knowledge or experience but I seem to notice certain bugs/annoyances/et cetera that some people miss for some reason(s); and I still report bugs and give feedback sometimes, less often and much less inspired and not on the forums since I gave up on the forums months ago, but I still do contact the staff directly sometimes from the Contact Page and by email and I blog everyday on (over two years without missing a day so far). πŸ˜‰

        Thank you for responding Sheri πŸ™‚ ,
        -John Jr


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