Wrap Up: Theme Showcase

Thanks everyone for the great feedback on our first test done in Horizon! It has been very useful because you found bugs we were missing and we were able to fine tune a lot of bigger and smaller parts of the new theme browsing experience.

One big element that was missing from the first days of testing was incremental search, which emerged immediately as the most mentioned issue, so we added it.

We also clarified the primary action happening when you click on the thumbnail. This is something that we’ll keep improving: in the future we want to review the details and demo pages, which will make this part of the showcase even better. Your feedback here gave us a good idea about where to go next.

Smaller bits of the experience were refined as well. The scroll now is smoother, we’re reviewing the image loading part to see if we can speed it up while still keeping them as high resolution as possible, and we fixed alignments and polished transitions.

Plus… you commented with lots of good suggestions that will inform our next steps.

The first milestone of the new showcase is live. 🙂

Thanks everyone!


Published by

Davide 'Folletto' Casali

Designing Product Experiences at Automattic · Advisor · Mentor · Speaker · Baker Framework Founder · ManifestoIbridi Author

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