Call for Testing: Resume Draft Button

Hi! I’m Andrew, JavaScript Wrangler on Team I/O, and today I’d like to get your opinion on a small but interesting feature we’re evaluating.

What is it?


It’s a small button that appears in the blue bar at the top of your page when you’ve written a post and navigated away from it before publishing. The idea is to enable you to quickly return to your in-progress draft.

Please note that the feature is only available on desktop browsers. On a mobile browser, it won’t show due to limited space.

What to test?

We’d like to know:

  • Have you ever felt lost in returning to a draft?
  • Does this feature solve that problem?
  • Is it obvious under which circumstances the button is visible?
  • Would you have gone about addressing the usability concern differently?

Try the following activities:

  1. Start a new post, write a few lines, ensure the post is saved, then navigate to the Reader.
  2. Browse a bit around the site, notice that the button is still there.
  3. Click on the button to go back to the post.

Note that this feature should be considered experimental, and may be removed altogether at a time in the future if not deemed an improvement.

We are going to gather feedback about this idea for about 2 weeks, until April 25th.


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10 thoughts on “Call for Testing: Resume Draft Button”

  1. While I’ve found little trouble returning to a draft in progress, anything that makes it easier is great. Button icon idea is OK.
    When I tried it, I got a “Write new post” page instead of the draft in progress. Will try again later


    1. Thanks for taking a look! When next you give it a shot, if you’re still having issues, would you mind detailing here the exact steps you took when writing your post and trying to return to it? Also, depending on your browser, when hovering the button it should show the URL in the bottom corner of your browser window (like this in Chrome). I’d expect the last part of the URL to look something like: “/post/” (including your site and the post’s ID). Are you seeing something different?

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  2. Hello! What I notice is that this always shows you the draft you accessed most recently. It works on new drafts and on preexisting drafts. It persists as I click around the site, and persists when I switch sites (I have three blogs), but when I click the browser refresh button, it goes away. Is this what you intended? Feels good to me, at any rate.

    One thing I tried was to shrink the browser window horizontally to see how the widget behaves. What I found is that the post title wraps to a second line, but the bottom of the second line is cut off horizontally. That doesn’t look very good.

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    1. Hi Jim! Thanks for the feedback.

      when I click the browser refresh button, it goes away. Is this what you intended?

      Yep, that’s to be expected. We don’t want the button to feel like a permanent fixture in the bar, but rather a quick convenience when navigating around the dashboard in a single page session. Do you feel as though it’d be more useful if it stuck around between a page refresh? If so, how long should it stay, or do you think it’d be best to always show the last draft you’d worked on?

      What I found is that the post title wraps to a second line, but the bottom of the second line is cut off horizontally.

      Aha, sounds like a bug 🙂 It’d probably be best for us to apply a limit to the width, in case the post’s title is very long.


      1. Thanks for your reply! I like it very much that it the draft reminder goes away after a page refresh – I just wanted to check whether that was happening intentionally, and so I pointed it out. If this feature survives this shakeout, I think it would be fine if the draft notice persisted within the browser session, at least until the post goes live. Then the notice should clear.

        I have to admit, I don’t find it too challenging to go to Blog Posts and then click Drafts to see what I’ve got there. I usually have three or four drafts in there, and it’s not always a sure thing that I’ll want to edit the most recently accessed one.

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  3. I often have several drafts and have had no trouble finding them the old way, so I do not see much need for the new feature. I tried it and had no problem with when it is visible, apart from agreeing with the earlier comment that refreshing the page should not change visibility.

    Instead of a title and link only to the most recently edited draft, it might be nice to say something like “U have {however many} drafts” and link to the old list of drafts.


  4. Our testing for this feature has come to a close, and I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback. This is the first feature on Horizon we’d considered experimental from the start, and having a public test environment is important in providing real-world validation to the solutions we explore. Especially as it relates to publishing workflows, it’s crucial that we refine and reduce potential barriers or stumbling points.

    While we’ve not yet made any decisions on whether we’ll move forward with this feature to all users, your experiences will be helpful to us in the coming weeks as we choose how to proceed.

    I’ll now be closing this thread for commenting.

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