Call for Testing: Plugins Page

Hey testers! I’m a designer working on, and we’d like your feedback on a new page — Plugins.

What is it?


This adds a new sidebar item that allows users to see all of the plugins available on

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.37.05 PM.png

We hope this clears up a lot of confusion for new users, but we also want experienced users and paying customers to know exactly what plugins they have. As we add more features and plugins, it will be a helpful reference.

What to test?

Just look for the new Plugins sidebar link. It will only be displayed if you have a single site selected. If you have a Plan, the corresponding plugins will appear activated. Each plugin links to a support article.

We’d really like to know your general thoughts about this change:

  • Do you think this would be helpful for new users?
  • Is this page clear and informative?
  • Would you want any additional information on this page?

Write any feedback you have as a comment on this post, and thank you for testing!

We are going to gather feedback about this idea for one week, until April 28th.


Published by

Dave Whitley

Designer at Automattic

3 thoughts on “Call for Testing: Plugins Page”

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this preview. I checked it out on all three of my sites. Some thoughts:

    I didn’t know that some of the features I get on are considered plugins. I don’t completely understand why a feature that is valuable to me that is not a plugin is conceptually any different from my perspective as a blogger to a feature that is a plugin. I thought it was all just part of

    That said, I never knew that SEO was a part of what I get with You learn something new every day.

    As a software tester (that’s what I do for a living), I always like learning things about how the systems I use are screwed together. This feature reveals to me something about’s design: that there are core features and there are features implemented as plugins. I like knowing that.

    I tested a little. One of my sites has the Premium package; the Plugins page shows that accurately. Another of my sites is straight-up free only; the Plugins page shows that accurately. But my nine-year-old personal blog has Custom Design but not the other features that are part of the Premium package. Before packages, you could buy certain extra features a la carte. That’s what I did, and every year Custom Design renews at $30. Unfortunately, The Plugins page for that blog does not reflect that I have Custom Design. So perhaps consider checking, for older blogs, whether they bought any plugins a la carte.

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  2. It display well on my Mac on Chrome. I really like the short descriptions for each plugin.
    However, I think it is too much information for new users. New users would need to understand the concept of a “plugin” and this page pre-supposes that they understand that. Perhaps include a link that explains what they are but then that is just another link a user needs to click on. Alternatively, maybe, rename the sidebar title to “Reference” or “Plugin Reference”. or ‘Feature Reference”. Though, if the goal of this page is to be a reference so long as it stays in scope it nails it.

    Users may also be confused about what plugins are active. It might be better to give each icon in the plugin sidebar a border-color of green to indicate that they are active.

    something like this:

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  3. Thank you so much Pat and Jim! One of our main goals was to educate our users on some of the plugins that they might not know about, so we are glad that it seems to be successful in that aspect.

    Y’all provided some very helpful feedback that we will be working on soon:

    1. Make it more obvious that the plugins are active by incorporating green.
    2. Try to customize the interface for users who don’t have a plan but are paying for features.

    Thanks again for your help!

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