Call For Testing: Image Editing

Hi! I’m Kerry, a JavaScript Wrangler and project lead for the new Image Editor in The Stark Team has been hard at work, and we would love to hear your feedback.

What is it?

With this update, you will be able to rotate, crop (including preset image ratios), and flip images directly from the media library.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at Mon Nov 21 7.50.11 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at Mon Nov 21 7.51.45 PM.png

To Help Test

  1. Go to and select a site if prompted.
  2. Click the “Insert Content” button (a circle with a plus symbol inside).
  3. Upload a new image or select an existing one.
  4. Click the “Edit” button at the lower left of the media window or click the pencil icon that appears on the selected image when you hover over it.
  5. Click the “Edit Image” button on the image details screen.
  6. Try out rotating, cropping, and flipping images.
  7. Try to restore the original image and check to make sure it worked.


Known Issues

  • You cannot yet click on an existing image in the post editor to get to image editing. You must use the insert image button in order to edit an image.
  • The Image Editor isn’t available for private sites or Jetpack sites managed through yet.

We are planning to test this feature until Monday, December 12, 2016.

Please provide feedback in the comments on this post and thank you for testing!

15 thoughts on “Call For Testing: Image Editing”

  1. Hello Kerry Liu,

    Thank you for making this post and asking for feedback.

    I would like to request that the image editing functionality for hotlinked images (hotlinking) be restored in the New Editor like it is in the Classic Editor and like it was in the previous New Editor so that we can once again add hotlinked images through the Add Image From URL option without adding that image to the Media Library and still have the ability to align and add captions for and add custom URLs for and add Alt text for hotlinked images.

    We used to be able to do those things in the previous New Editor and we can still do those things in the Classic Editor but we can no longer do those things in the current New Editor like we used to be able to (at this time in the New Editor you have to avoid the Add Image From URL option and you can copy and paste a direct link to an image hosted to an external source and the image will show up unaligned or left aligned unfortunately without adding it to the Media Library but you will have no options to edit the image (align, captions, custom URLs, alt text) and there are some bugs where that hotlinked image added that way will not show up in the Related Posts section at the bottom of posts and when trying to edit that post in the Classic Editor and maybe that image will not show up in some widgets (I am not sure about the widget issue, I am just assuming)), and so I have still been using the Classic Editor all this time waiting for the New Editor to be improved so that I can use it to blog my posts because I need that functionality to blog my posts and adjust my pages.

    I use a centered hotlinked image with a caption crediting the source and custom URL to the source of the image and ALT text to the name of the image on all of my posts and pages, I publish posts on my blog almost everyday and have been blogging here for years, and so having that functionality easily availble without having to use HTML/whatever is important to me and I can not stop using the Classic Editor until the New Editor gets that functionality back and has those hotlinked image bugs fixed.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr


    1. Howdy John and thanks for the feedback! It does sound like it’s rather difficult to hotlink in the editor at the moment. We currently don’t have any plans for this, but I made a note of your request.

      Did you have any comments on the image editor?

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      1. You are welcome Kerry Liu, and thank you for making a note of my request.

        The upcoming features for the image editor sound nice, but since these options are not available for hotlinked images so unfortunately I will not be able to test this really because I use hotlinked images on all of my posts instead of images that are to be added to the Media Library and I use the Classic Editor (until the New Editor has the features I need to blog) so these features would not apply to the way I blog at this time.

        Good luck with improving the image editor.

        -John Jr


  2. Hi! A couple things:

    1. I tested it out on a b/w photograph I took. In the first screen the image looked good, but in the rotate/crop/flip screen the quality of the image degraded significantly. When I tried this on color images, I did not see this. Saving the changes did not degrade the resulting image; the degradation was visible only in the editor.

    2. When the Aspect is set to Original, rotating the image results in the selection box being the right ratio but placed incorrectly on the image.

    Here’s a screencast that shows both of these things:

    Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

    I tested this on my Jim Grey Test site,

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  3. Hi Kerry,
    Thanks for the opportunity to test this out and provide feedback. I went through the steps you listed and everything worked as expected. One thing I noticed is that after I clicked “restore image” and the image reverted, the button stayed there. I expected it to go away since “restore image” was no longer relevant.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for testing. The “restore image” button sticking around is a known issue, and is planned to be fixed in a future iteration, though not for our initial release. (We need some additional backend work.)

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