Call for Testing: Calypso HTML Toolbar

Hello! I’m Jacopo, a developer on Team Lannister, and I have been working on bringing the HTML Toolbar to Calypso.



The HTML Toolbar is a set of tools that add things like bold, italic, blockquote, image, code and more to your posts while in HTML editing mode. A few of the latest updates include, but are not limited to:

  • Clicking on a tag button will alternate between “open” and “close” tags.
  • The “Close Tags” button will close all open tags.
  • If clicked while selecting an URL in the post content, the “Link” button will smartly recognize it as the URL for the link () tag.
  • The toolbar is a single-line scrollable element.
  • The toolbar sticks to the top of the page when scrolling.
  • The Insert Media / Contact Form button.
  • Undo/redo ability.
  • Drag and drop media.

Some of the current limitations are:

  • The toolbar is only sticky on large enough screens.
  • No undo/redo for IE11 — IE11 lacks the JavaScript function needed to make it work.
  • Cursor position is not synced when switching between modes.
  • Must scroll to the top in order to switch modes.
  • The toolbar only recognizes tags inserted via the toolbar itself. An open tag manually written or pasted in the post content won’t be affected by the “Close Tags” button, and it won’t be closed by clicking on that tag button.
  • Buttons available in WP Admin’s HTML Toolbar not yet included: Proofread, Add Poll, Add Location, Add Embed.


Try the following activities:

  • Go to Horizon, start editing a post and switch to HTML mode.
  • Try opening and closing tags via the toolbar.
  • Check for cross-browser and cross-OS issues.
  • Try to undo/redo as you normally would in your usual workflow. Does it work as expected?
  • Drag and drop the types of files you’re used to working with.
  • Try inserting media and contact forms.


We’d like to know:

  • Do the actions feel right to you?
  • Does undo/redo work as expected?
  • Any issues with inserting media?

Please add any feedback as a comment on this thread.

We are planning to test this feature until Monday, March 13, 2017.

Call for Testing: Resume Draft Button

Hi! I’m Andrew, JavaScript Wrangler on Team I/O, and today I’d like to get your opinion on a small but interesting feature we’re evaluating.

What is it?


It’s a small button that appears in the blue bar at the top of your page when you’ve written a post and navigated away from it before publishing. The idea is to enable you to quickly return to your in-progress draft.

Please note that the feature is only available on desktop browsers. On a mobile browser, it won’t show due to limited space.

What to test?

We’d like to know:

  • Have you ever felt lost in returning to a draft?
  • Does this feature solve that problem?
  • Is it obvious under which circumstances the button is visible?
  • Would you have gone about addressing the usability concern differently?

Try the following activities:

  1. Start a new post, write a few lines, ensure the post is saved, then navigate to the Reader.
  2. Browse a bit around the site, notice that the button is still there.
  3. Click on the button to go back to the post.

Note that this feature should be considered experimental, and may be removed altogether at a time in the future if not deemed an improvement.

We are going to gather feedback about this idea for about 2 weeks, until April 25th.


Call for Testing: Editor

Hi. I’m Sheri, and I’m stepping in to help test upcoming changes to the editor.

What is it?

The editor is the editor you use to create content for any WordPress site via the interface.  We’ve got some major changes coming up, and we’d like some help testing the new version before we enable it for everyone.

What is changing?

Taking what we’ve learned from the last editor iteration, previously known as beep beep boop, we are working on a faster version of the editor, with better previews, improved autosave, quick access to drafts, updates to the editing toolbar, and more.

We listened. We took your past feedback to heart, and we also prioritized features based on usage statistics. We hope that, by testing early and often, we will be able to make the update process a better experience than it has been in the past.

There is a team working hard on the editor and making improvements every day.

What to test:

We’d like to know:

  • Are there any blockers? Blockers are things that prevent you from publishing new content.
  • Your overall impression: does it feel fast? are there parts of the interface that aren’t clear? is publishing a new post simple?
  • Any bug or frustration you feel while using it.

To test, try the following activities:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your site if prompted.
  3. Write a post as you normally would.
  4. Try some common tasks (one or as many as you’d like):
    • Add an image with a caption
    • Add/remove tags and categories
    • Change the author (if you have a multi-author blog)
    • Schedule a post
    • Preview a post
    • Customize your publicize settings
    • Create then delete a draft
    • Try adding a captioned gallery
    • Try the keyboard shortcuts
    • Anything else you normally do when publishing a new post
  5. Let us know in the comments here if you run into any problems.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping to test the editor! Any amount of testing is good, so it doesn’t matter if you try just one task or all of them. We’d love your feedback on any part.

Keep in mind that there are likely to be bugs in early testing, and finding those are the main concern at this point. We’d like to ask that you look at this next iteration of the editor with an open mind and volunteer feedback that has context and that separates the problem from the solution. Please take a moment to read Tips on giving feedback” and then please let us know what you find when testing!

We are going to gather feedback about the editor here for the next several weeks, until September 30th extended until this feature launches.