Call for Testing: Site Export

Hey there! I’m Jordan, a developer working on the new Site Exporter for and would love to hear your feedback.

What is it?

This adds a new tab on your site’s Settings page, for exporting all post content. The exported content can later be imported into another WordPress site – either on or your own hosted site. Site Export

What to test

  • Can you export all content from your site?
  • Can you export a specific selection of content from your site?
  • Can you download the export file when complete?
  • Do you receive an email after the export completes?
  • Are you able to take the exported content and import it into a new site?
  • Is there anything you found confusing during this process?

To get started, head to Click My Sites, then choose Settings from the sidebar, and finally click the Export tab.

We’d particularly like to hear of any issues you might find when exporting very large sites with many posts or pages.

Please note that the export file won’t contain theme settings. This means that a new site using imported data will not necessarily look the same as the original site.

We’ll continue gathering feedback until June 21st, 2016.