Call for Testing: Jetpack theme uploads and activation

Hello! I’m Davide, the design lead for the Theme Showcase. We’re about to release some interesting improvements to the way we manage Jetpack websites and we’d like your feedback.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 17.03.02.png


If you have a Jetpack website you will be able be able to do two new things: upload a new theme directly from the showcase and to try and activate any of our free themes.

What works:

  • Uploading any theme on your connected Jetpack site.
  • Trying and activating free WordPress·com themes.
  • Deleting uploaded themes.

What will work soon:

  • Live Demo of free themes link from the “•••” popup action menu.
  • All Sites view still missing (if you have more than one site).


Try the following activities:

  • Make sure you have at least Jetpack 4.4.2 (quick installation link) and it’s connected to
  • Go to My Sites on Horizon and select your Jetpack site.
  • Open “Themes” from the sidebar.
  • Try to upload a WordPress theme (you can download the zip from the .org showcase).
  • Try to preview and activate uploaded themes.
  • Try to preview and activate free themes.
  • Try to delete an uploaded theme.


We’d like to know:

  • Your overall impression: is there anything confusing?
  • Are the messages clear enough?
  • Any bugs that you find.

Please add any feedback as a comment on this thread.

We are planning to test this feature until Monday, February 6, 2017.

Call for Testing: Plugins Page

Hey testers! I’m a designer working on, and we’d like your feedback on a new page — Plugins.

What is it?


This adds a new sidebar item that allows users to see all of the plugins available on

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.37.05 PM.png

We hope this clears up a lot of confusion for new users, but we also want experienced users and paying customers to know exactly what plugins they have. As we add more features and plugins, it will be a helpful reference.

What to test?

Just look for the new Plugins sidebar link. It will only be displayed if you have a single site selected. If you have a Plan, the corresponding plugins will appear activated. Each plugin links to a support article.

We’d really like to know your general thoughts about this change:

  • Do you think this would be helpful for new users?
  • Is this page clear and informative?
  • Would you want any additional information on this page?

Write any feedback you have as a comment on this post, and thank you for testing!

We are going to gather feedback about this idea for one week, until April 28th.


Wrap Up: Plugin Browser

Thank you for taking the time to test and report issues in the Plugin Browser. Your attention to detail and kind feedback is very appreciated.

We are now launching the Plugin Browser on There is still more work to be done in the future, such as adding the plugin screenshots, improving the data that we currently getting from the API, as well as making changes to Jetpack to allow plugin authors to restrict the plugins that we display. We will continue working on the Plugin Browser as well as the Plugin Management experience for all Jetpack Sites.

Thanks again.

Call for testing: Plugin Browser

Hi I am Enej, the project lead for the new Plugin Browser for Jetpack sites. I’m excited to show you what we’ve been working on, and hear what you think of the ability to manage plugins on your Jetpack-powered sites from right here on

Plugin Browser
Plugin Browser

What is it?

The new plugin browser lets you find and install plugins from the plugin directory. You can search for keywords or browse within Featured, New and Popular categories. If you’ve got plugins on your site that you no longer need, then this update also lets you remove (delete) those plugins from your sites. You can still activate/deactivate plugins, and turn on (or off) auto-updates as well.

As part of the plugin browser project we have added more details to the single plugin view, which now surfaces reviews and ratings from the WordPress community, as well as the full description, changelog and other information specified by the plugin author.

What’s new:

  • Searching for a plugin from the plugin repository
  • Installing a plugin directly from the plugin repository
  • Removing (deleting) a plugin from your site
  • Browsing Featured, New and Popular plugin categories
  • New information/layout on the single plugin view
  • Improved support for Multi-site installations

What to test:

You will need a Jetpack connected site to test these new features. Make sure you’ve got Jetpack installed and connected on a test site, and then activate the Manage module.

  • Are you able to install your favourite plugin on the site by searching for it in the browser?
  • Is there any information missing from the plugin page that would be helpful?
  • Are you able to remove plugins from your site?
  • Any bugs or frustration you feel while using it?
  • Does the flow between pages make sense? Is there anything confusing?

How to test:

  1. Go to My Sites on Horizon and click on Add next to Plugins in the sidebar.
  2. Search for a plugin that you want to install on one of your Jetpack sites and figure out how to install it. The plugin should be installed, activated and set to autoupdate right away. Check in the wp-admin of your site to confirm that the plugin was installed and activated.
  3. Try removing the same plugin that you just installed or a different one that you don’t want to keep anymore. Confirm in wp-admin that it was in fact removed.
  4. Try going to My Sites and selecting a specific site, then go through the plugin install process again and see if it makes sense.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about these changes in the comments of this post. Feel free to post multiple times if you’ve got a lot to say. What could we do to make this more useful? Do you think you’ll use this feature to manage your plugins? Why? Why not?

We are going to gather feedback about the plugin browser for the next 2 weeks, so until September 24th September 28th.

Wrap Up: Theme Showcase Jetpack Integration

Thanks again for testing the Jetpack-enabled Theme Showcase!

Following up on the feedback received, we’ve now fixed the link opening behavior, so that clicking on “Preview” in the “•••” menu opens a new tab, as does clicking on the theme thumbnail.

We’ve also fixed a couple of other bugs that emerged from the testing: there are now clearer messages when Jetpack is disabled and when Jetpack hasn’t been updated, which will help to clarify some install situations..

The feature right now seems stable, even if we are aware it’s just the first step to create a complete experience. We are planning to release this with the next Jetpack release, so stay tuned!

Thanks, and looking forward to our next round of testing!

Call for Testing: Theme Showcase Jetpack Integration

Hey everyone, this is Bernie. I’m a developer with the team working on the Theme Showcase, and today we’d like to invite you to test the latest feature we’ve been working on: Jetpack integration.


You may have already encountered the new Theme Showcase on (or even took part in our first testing round when we introduced it a month ago). The feature we’d like you to test this time will enable you to use the Showcase to manage themes on your self-hosted WordPress site, via the Jetpack plugin. In this first stage we are limiting the features to searching, previewing, and activating themes you’ve already installed, in a way similar to the Showcase’s functionality for sites hosted on In the future we’ll expand these features, this is just the start.

What works:

  • Search for a theme by name.
  • Use the Customizer to preview and activate themes.
  • Activate a theme directly from the main list.
  • Details link in the “•••” menu.

What will work soon:

  • Search for a theme by description and features.

What isn’t part of this release:

  • Installing new themes.
  • Activating themes from the “All Sites” view.


To test the Theme Showcase’s new Jetpack integration, you need a self-hosted WordPress site, on which you need to install the Jetpack plugin in its brand new 3.7 Beta version, which our colleagues from the Jetpack team released yesterday — just follow the installation instructions! Keep in mind this is a Beta, so:

Please only install the Beta Tester plugin on a test site. By their nature, Beta releases could be unstable and should not be used on a site where your data is important. If you decide to install this on a live site, please backup your WordPress database before installing the Beta plugin or upgrading to a new Beta release.

After connecting your Jetpack site to, you can jump right into testing! Here’s a list of suggested activities to try:

  1. Go to the Theme Showcase on Horizon. If you have multiple sites, use the site selector at the top of the sidebar to switch to the self-hosted site on which you just installed the Jetpack Beta.
  2. Try to preview a theme on that site.
  3. Try to activate a theme on that site.
  4. Try searching for a theme you know by name (if any).

As always, write any feedback you have as a comment to this post, even multiple comments if you find different things at different times. Specifically, we’re interested in the following:

  • Were you able to complete all the activities above (preview, activate, search)? Did you find any frustrating moment?
  • Your overall impression: does it feel fast? does it work well? can you find what you want, by name (especially relevant on a hosted site with lots of installed themes)?
  • Any bug you have found.

Of course, if you’re interested in testing other features that the new Jetpack Beta introduces, our colleagues will be happy to hear from you!

We are going to gather feedback about this specific sequence of tasks for the next 2 weeks, so until September 2nd.