Call For Testing: Recommended Reading Emails

Hi, everyone! I’m Jeff — an engineer on Team Delta. We’re working on delivering content recommendations right to your inbox. Hopefully, your recommendations will be interesting, engaging, and relevant to you. Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated!

What is it?

Emailed recommendations are calculated using an algorithm which takes into account the sites you like and follow. They should get better the more you click through and interact with other sites. They will be sent approximately weekly, will have around 5 recommended posts, and look something like this:



How to Help Test

  1. Reply to this post and mention your username so we can add you to our list.
  2. Wait for a new “Recommended Reading” email to appear in your inbox.
  3. Let us know if there are no posts in the email which are relevant to you.
  4. Look for any mistakes or broken links.
  5. Check for accessibility problems.
  6. Be on the lookout for another email in approximately a week & report as above.

We are planning to test this feature until Monday, January 16, 2017.

If you have feedback about these emails, please leave a comment on this post. Thank you for your help!